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I am Tajik, I live with Tajikistan!

It is a matter of pride that today representatives of the glorious Tajik nation live in all corners of the world and represent Independent Tajikistan with their good deeds.

Recently, a lot of information has been published on social networks and the media about the life and work of a Tajik family who immigrated to the United States in the 90s of the last century and occupied important positions. The mother of the family Zarifmo Aslamshoeva is the first TV presenter of Badakhshan, whose beautiful face and eloquent speech are still imprinted in the memory of viewers of that period, today she works on one of the most influential TV channels in the world - CNN America.

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      Асаб чист? Он дар организми одам чӣ нақш дорад? Чаро вақтҳои охир гирифторони бемории асабхастагӣ рӯ ба афзоиш аст? Ин беморӣ чӣ оқибатҳо дорад? Барои эмин мондан аз асабхастагӣ чӣ бояд кард? Дар ин мақола кӯшиш намудем, ки андаке ҳам бошад, доир ба ин масъала рӯшанӣ андозем.

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